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Eastlake Chula Vista San Diego

Ryan is the man! He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work. You really feel it during sessions with him, he takes the time to teach you and explain everything. His down to earth and warm personality makes you feel at ease. However don't think that just because he's a nice guy he won't push you because you'll have another thing coming haha! He pushes you to achieve what he knows you are capable of doing. No beating around the bush with Ryan, he gets right to the business. Personally I enjoy and feel challenged each session with him. I always feel comfortable being around him, nothing but respect and admiration for Ryan.

owner of protrainer studio      

I've been going to Ryan for a little over a year now and he is amazing! Not only will he help you achieve your goals, but he will work with you on carrying a positive mentality into everything. Every workout is a challenge compared to the last, but you will definitely see results. He also will give you advice on diet and let you know great books to read. I couldn't recommend him enough! If you want a trainer who will help you overhaul everything from your mindset to your diet to your body and become the best you, Ryan is definitely the one for you!

Ok let me tell you guys a true story in 2009 I had my first daughter & was left at 260 lbs & I swear to you Ryan saved my life we worked out for about a year & I lost so much weight it was so F**ing crazy. I would go home sore every single time & he would push me and push me to my goal he cared about this goal just as much as I did. He would get on my case about my eating habits even after he set a meal plan for me,(cause that sh**ts not easy) he was so determined to make me achieve what I had asked him to help me achieve & he did I lost over 100lbs & then I got pregnant again lol I ran back to Ryan and asked him to help me again this time I started at 192lbs and I had a new mission to tighten and tone my skin from my previous weight loss and sure enough he came through, I felt so good and looked great I got offerd a job in downtown & a few years later Got pregnant again lol I just had my 3rd baby so Ryan let's do this!!!!! BEST f**ing trainer Hands down. Love you Ryan

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Ryan McWhorter 

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​I have a been a certified trainer for 12 years. I opened Protrainerstudio in 2016. I love working one on one with each client. I want to hear your goals, understand what is stopping you from being at your absolute best. We adress each thing  thing at a time with basic attainable habits.  

Each client will be given a foundation of healthy joints and good posture. Then I will start targeting the areas of your body you want to see changes. I will instruct you to use all the most effective gym equipment. Traditional strength training with weights to athletic HIIT style tool like kettle bells. I would treat this more like a college class with private instruction to make you an expert at lifting weights and getting in shape. I truly can train anyone. ANY AGE ANY BODY TYPE.

I love making people laugh. I love watching my clients grow and become the best version of themselves


  • Nutrition

  • Rehabilitation

  • posture correction

  • life coaching / personal development 

  • Advanced strength training